Recent Reports of Job Recruitment Schemes Aimed at University Students

The Career Centre and the Community Safety Department would like to ensure that everyone is aware of recent reports of job recruitment schemes aimed at university students.

Though we have not seen it on the York University campuses, recent reports at several Ontario Universities have identified this pattern: someone leaves a clipboard in a classroom or open area and encourages students to enter their personal information to receive information on a job. Sometimes students are given a clipboard and asked to pass it along during class time, with the implication it has something to do with the class or is approved by the professor. Read more here.

Please be aware that few reputable companies would recruit students in this way. Please encourage students to always exercise caution when giving out personal identifying information. If you hear that any student has encountered this activity, or you see evidence of it yourself, please notify the Community Safety Department at 416-736-5333, or from your office phone at extension 33333, and the Career Centre at Keele. If possible, do not allow information to be collected in your classroom or department.

York’s career centres on both campuses receive hundreds of job postings for students every week. They do their best to vet employers who register with York University and to verify that jobs posted are legitimate, but students should exercise due diligence when looking for/applying to jobs. If you or one of your students is in any doubt about the veracity of a recruitment posting/campaign, contact the Career Centre at Keele or one of the centres below affiliated with the student’s program of study.

For more information about job schemes, check these resources:


Samina Sami
Executive Director, Community Safety

Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost Students