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January 17, 2017

Community Safety Department Strategic Plan

The University Academic Plan (2015-2020) commits to "continuing to advance a comprehensive, holistic and community-based approach to ensure the safety of our campuses".

The Community Safety Department was formed in 2014, building on a strong foundation of investments that York University has made to improve the safety of its campuses.  Several safety related services were consolidated into one department to take a more holistic approach and to increase the profile of safety on campus. This consolidation of services also facilitates coordination and creates a focal point within the University for planning and collaboration on safety related issues.

The Department is now undertaking consultations to develop its five-year Strategic Plan. Members of the York community are encouraged to participate in the development of the Strategic Plan by providing written input by clicking here or visiting:

https://machform.apps01.yorku.ca/machform/view.php?id=219415 (English)

https://machform.apps01.yorku.ca/machform/view.php?id=227257 (Français)

Members of the York community are also invited to participate in discussions about the Strategic Plan at upcoming Open Forums:

January 27th - Keele Campus, 12pm to 2pm, 280N York Lanes

February 6th - Glendon Campus, 10am to 12pm, BMO Conference Centre, Glendon Hall

February 13th - Keele Campus, 12pm to 2pm, 280N York Lanes

Materials for discussion are available in both English and French.

For more information about the consultations, please refer to the  Community Consultations section.

December 14, 2016

York University Board Approves Sexual Violence Policy

At a Special Meeting this morning, the York University Board of Governors approved York’s new Sexual Violence Policy. The policy confirms the University’s longstanding commitment to foster a culture where attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate sexual violence are rejected, survivors are supported, and those who are found to have committed sexual violence are held accountable. Through this new policy, York commits to working collaboratively with our community to build effective training and education programs to address sexual violence and rape culture.

This policy, through its “Commitment and Statement of Principles,” recognizes the intersectional experiences of survivors and the barriers they face.  We are determined to break down those barriers wherever possible and we are committed to providing survivor-centric supports and services.

The policy is the culmination of many months of work undertaken by our Sexual Violence Policy Working Group. In the last several weeks, more than 35 consultations have been undertaken, with close to 600 members of our community participating, the vast majority of whom were our students. With candor and insights, members of our community helped to guide and shape the final document approved by the Board. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Working Group and all those members of our community who participated in this important process.

We also wish to acknowledge the leadership of the Province of Ontario for bringing sexual violence to the forefront of their agenda by requiring all post-secondary institutions to address this issue and to work collaboratively with their student communities to strengthen supports and procedures for survivors of sexual violence.

As a university community, we know that sexual violence is prevalent in society. We also recognize the important role that we and other universities and colleges can and must play in ensuring that sexual violence is understood by all members of our society as unacceptable.

The approval of York’s Sexual Violence Policy is an important milestone for our community. In January, the University will be providing the community with more information about how we intend to implement the policy, along with key institutional commitments stemming from our community consultations.

For more information about York's new policy, please click here.


Rhonda Lenton, Vice-President Academic and Provost

Gary Brewer, Vice-President Finance and Administration

November 18, 2016

Message forwarded on behalf of Samina Sami, Executive Director, Community Safety.

Recent reports of increased acts of intolerance and hate across North America can serve as a reminder to our community to continue to practice respect and tolerance. Our core values stand in stark contrast to statements or acts that malign individuals or groups or attempt to marginalize members of our community.

York University is committed to upholding and promoting the values of respect, equity, diversity and inclusion across our campuses. Hate propaganda causes harm to individuals and to society as a whole.

We therefore are deeply disturbed by reports that posters promoting intolerance have been sighted on our campus. The University has strict policies regarding posting of materials on campus and these policies are being enforced. The offensive posters have been removed where found. The Community Safety Department has reached out to the Toronto Police Service and has made them aware of this occurrence. Community Safety is also contacting the organizations responsible for the posters to require that they cease and desist their use of University property.

York University expects all community members to actively engage in our shared responsibility to protect the dignity and human rights of all individuals. We have zero tolerance for hate – and there is no place for it in our community.

Please report any instances of hate to the Community Safety team at 416-650-8000 or for urgent matters at 416 -736-5333.

Safer Together

To Members of the York Community,

York University is a vibrant community of nearly 60,000 people - the size of a small city.  We are committed to ensuring that York is a place where everyone feels safe to live, learn, teach and work.

At York we aim to take a holistic and intersectional approach to safety that reflects the diverse  experiences of members of our community.  We are committed to working proactively with the York community to build safer and more inclusive campuses. Each of us can – and should – play a role by actively contributing to a safe campus, as underscored in York’s message of “Safer Together”.

To support a greater connection to our community, we will be opening our new Community Safety Centre in October located in the William Small Building, designed to make our space more open, welcoming, and engaging for all members of our community.

Also, in keeping with a student and community-centered approach to safety, we will be launching a consultation process this year to shape the vision,  mandate and strategic plan for the Community Safety Department. Information on how to participate in the consultations will be posted on our website in upcoming weeks. We look forward to your participation.

We encourage you to utilize our services to address your safety needs including goSAFE to assist you with safe travel in the evening, safety audits, and personal safety planning to support physical and personal safety needs. You can also download the York Mobile Safety App, which offers many helpful tools and resources.  A complete list of Community Safety services is available on our website www.yorku.ca/safety

We are also working collaboratively on important issues for our community. Preventing and responding effectively to sexual violence is a key priority. We will be part of community consultations this fall to get input on ways to strengthen supports for survivors and to enhance training and prevention programming.

York continuously strives to foster a culture of safety on its campuses.  A cornerstone of our efforts has been a commitment to transparent and effective communication with respect to safety-related incidents that occur on campus.

When a serious safety incident occurs and if there is an ongoing risk to the community, the University issues a Security Bulletin.  All Bulletins that are issued are emailed directly to your York email account.  This is to allow individuals and groups to exercise appropriate precautions  with respect to personal safety and property.  We also communicate safety information through the York U Mobile Safety App, LCD screens and PA Systems.

Building a safer community is an ongoing endeavour and a shared responsibility. We are continuously striving to update our practices and infrastructure to better respond to emerging safety and security concerns.  We welcome your feedback at safety@yorku.ca.

Gary Brewer
Vice-President Finance and Administration

Samina Sami
Executive Director, Community Safety