Security Services

York University Security Officer chatting with studentsThe Community Safety Department's Security Services is committed to keeping our campuses safe for everyone. We strive to meet the needs of everyone within the York community by providing services and resources to keep you safe and secure.

Working together with different members of the community is what makes our security partnership work.

All of our security personnel are trained to a high professional standard to ensure your safety and to deal with any incidents that may occur.

Security Services personnel are on campus everyday, out in the community, interacting with Students, Staff, Faculty and other community members. This interaction allows security to develop a relationship and to better serve the community.

Security personnel can be seen around campus in walking, in patrol vehicles and, when the weather allows on mountain bike.

Security Services can be contacted through number of different methods in Emergencies or for non-urgent safety matters.

Security Services Operations consists of approximately 70 security personnel in various roles between the Keele and Glendon campuses.

York University Security Control Centre

The Security Control Centre is the central security dispatch, alarm and CCTV monitoring hub for the York University campuses . Operating 24/7, the centre receives and dispatches  calls for service. The Security Control Centre is equipped with state of  the art C.C.T.V. monitoring equipment including a video wall capable of displaying live video feeds from the hundreds of cameras.



Security offices are located at:

Training and Standards

Under Construction

Medical First Aid Response

Security Services provides 24-hour medical first aid response to individuals experiencing illness or injury. Security personnel are trained in:

Medical First Aid Equipment

  • First Aid kits
  • Automated External Defibrillators
  • Oxygen
  • Naloxone

Emergency Services Vehicle Escort

Security Services has agreements in place with emergency responders (Fire, Police & Ambulance) that when they are responding to campus security will meet them at the campus perimeter to escort them to where they need to go.

York University Security Services cruiser escorting Toronto Fire truck

Investigations and Threat Assessment

Security Service's Investigations and Threat Assessment personnel proactively research upcoming events to ensure community members' safety while continuing to provide a peaceful forum for York educational objectives. They conduct non-criminal investigations and assist the police with criminal investigations. They create safety plans for at risk individuals.

York Security Badge