Emergency Communication

Emergency Messaging and Digital Signage Screens

Sample Evacuation Messaged Displayed on LCD Screen

Emergency Messaging and Digital Signage screens are installed in many high traffic areas in academic, administrative buildings and residences.

During non-emergency times, the screens will display a variety of information, including news and weather. If an emergency situation occurs, then information will be displayed on the screens.

Public Address System

Comprised of indoor and outdoor speakers, as well as strobe lights, the Public Address System allows emergency situations to be communicated directly and immediately to building occupants.

York University Security Services and Municipal Emergency Responders

Instructions during an emergency will be provided by York University Security personnel, as well as Police Services, Fire Services, and Emergency Medical Services representatives.

Emergency Response Wardens and Building Captains

Information during an emergency is provided by Emergency Response Wardens (Orange) and Building Emergency Captains (Yellow). They are trained to help in emergencies, and are easily identifiable by their high-visibility vests.

Person with a vest displaying building emergency captain blowing a whistlePerson with megaphoneA Person with an Orange Vest Displaying Emergency Response Warden blowing a whistle

The York U Safety App

Users of the York U Safety AppĀ receive emergency alerts on their phones.

Fire Alarms

When a Fire Alarm sounds, immediately leave the building via the nearest and safest exit. Do not use the elevator. Never ignore the alarm or assume that it is false. When outside, go to the nearest place of assembly designated for your area.