Hate Graffiti Will Not Be Tolerated - Message on behalf of Samina Sami, Executive Director, Community Safety

There has been a report of anti-Semitic graffiti located in a washroom stall in York Hall, Glendon College. The graffiti is being removed. This hate graffiti and defacement of university property will not be tolerated - there is no place for it in our community. Hate graffiti causes harm to individuals and to society as a whole. It is contrary to our University's core values of respect, diversity. equity and inclusion. Staff are reaching out to Jewish student organizations and other groups on campus to offer support. The Community Safety Department has reached out to the Toronto Police Service and has made them aware of this occurrence. We are working closely with the police to ensure that our campus continues to be safe and welcoming for all.

Please report any instances of graffiti to the Community Safety team at 416 650-8000 or for urgent matters at 416-736-5333, or from your office phone at extension 33333.