Message from Samina Sami, Executive Director, Community Safety Department

Update - Graffiti at Keele Campus

Last month, the Community Safety Department received several reports of offensive graffiti at different locations on the Keele campus.

This graffiti was documented and immediately removed, and an investigation was launched by our security staff who worked with Toronto Police Service (TPS) to identify the perpetrator.

A suspect (non-community member) has been apprehended by TPS for similar incidents off campus, and our staff have positively identified this suspect as the person responsible for some of the Keele incidents.  As a result, the suspect has been trespassed from our university campuses. We continue to actively investigate other cases of graffiti and incidents on our campuses.

When public spaces are not respected, our sense of safety is undermined. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank the community members who promptly reported the graffiti to us.

Any incidents of vandalism can be reported to the Community Safety Department’s security staff by calling 416-736-5333, or from your office phone at extension 3333.