Non-Urgent Safety Matters

To report a non-urgent safety incident to Security Services call 416-650-8000, or from your office phone at extension 58000, or for TTY at 416-736-5470:

  • File a security occurrence report
    Security Services wants to know about safety incidents on campus. You can contact them to file a report on a wide rage of incidents such as hate crimes, scams, stolen or damaged property. They can meet you on campus or you can visit the Security Services offices (Community Safety Centre - 228 William Small Centre at the Keele campus or at The Greenhouse at the Glendon campus). They can also assist you with filing a report with the police if that is something that you wish to do. Security Services  may call the police if there is a potential on-going threat and the safety of the community is at risk.
  • Building or room access
    Security Services can provide you access as long as you have photo identification and authorization to enter the space. (During office hours contact your key coordinator or CSBO before contacting Security Services).
  • Lost or stolen keys
    If you've lost your university keys or if they've been stolen, please contact Security Services to file a report. A report is required before you can be issued a new set of keys.
  • Minor floods, spills
    After hours, on weekends and holidays, please contact Security Services to advise of minor floods and spills.
  • Broken windows, walls or graffiti
    Noticed a spider-webbed window, a hole in the wall that shouldn't be there, or graffiti? Contact Security Services to file a report.
  • General safety information
    Have any questions, comments or concerns about safety on campus? You can call Security Services and they will assist you.